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Stewart House 

The Stewart House is a duplex home that has 2 suites that will provide supportive housing to Aboriginal families living well with HIV/AIDS.


CUMFI includes a continuum of support services to assist families in achieving self-sufficiency and independence. These families living well with HIV/AIDS will have a safe and supportive environment for women and their families who have fell through the cracks of Homelessness and Child Custody issues.


It is with the spirit of hope, helping, learning and healing that we are able to create a safer, healthier community.


Trends that affect families include fewer affordable homes, less access to social housing, increasing poverty (growing gap between income and cost of housing), changing job market, deteriorating health, and funding for social programs.

HIV Partnerships 

CUMFI has partnered with the 

PLWA of Saskatchewan. 

If you need support contact 

their office. 306-373-7766 

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