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4:30 pm

Defining the Role of Elders Today – In the Family and Community

  • Pass on the languages (Michif, Cree, Dene, Saulteaux, French, etc.)

  • Show respect to other elders in the community

  • Bridge the gap between Elders and Youth

  • Provide a sense of pride in the Métis heritage and traditions

  • Tell stories and legends

  • Offer guidance (not lectures)

  • Hold/lead/support summer cultural camps

  • Tutor students to help them cope with life

  • Talk to young people about traditions, customs, languages

  • Act as counselors in school

  • Teach parenting programs

  • Teach children in schools about culture, history, the present, and the initiatives that Elders have taken

  • Form partnerships with Youth to solve problems

  • Age does not have very much to do with becoming an Elder – you have to earn the respect of the Community to become an Elder

  • Elders need to earn the respect of the community if they want to be involved;

  • Should have the knowledge of history and traditions

  • Person must be honest, spiritual, holistic, and be able to offer guidance and spiritual healing

  • Elders should have time and respect for others

  • Elders should be good role models to others

  • Elders should take time to help others

Elder Development should include:

  • More Elders conferences with young people involved

  • Advertise conferences, reach out to the community

  • Keep Elders conferences non-political, politicians can speak but should have no control over the conference

  • Arrange transportation and accommodations

  • More Elders in the community

  • More Cultural gatherings

  • Help for Elders to heal from residential school experiences

  • Elders have knowledge and cultural understanding that needs preserving

  • Teach Youth that Elders are always willing to give advice

  • Change education systems to include more Michif language

  • To preserver our culture we must use education (Elders teach Youth)

  • Children need to be taught to be thankful for parents and grandparents

  • Recognize that television is a bad influence

  • Recognize that children are stuck between the Métis and White people

  • Teach children that when they are in trouble that the Elders want to hear it from them first, not the police or a friend

  • Children need to learn to work because this forces you to put limits on yourself by being accountable and sit down and discuss things with children and grandchildren

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