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Grief & Loss Counselling 

Grief & Loss Counselling is available to staff and members. 

The goals and objectives are to reconnect with Aboriginal spirituality and traditions; incorporating a core healing tool to overcome the grief and loss experienced by Aboriginal people. It will be built on cultural and psychological understandings and addresses healing and recovery for the stolen generations.


The aim is to provide and facilitate " reconnections", building on the skills and strengths of Aboriginal families and others, for healing.


The story of loss and grief is universal. But for Metis and First Nation peoples, everywhere there are a great many additional sources of loss, of grief: loss of personhood, identity, history, country, home, loved ones, love of life. CUMFI sees the courage with which Aboriginal people have responded to such loss and grief, such trauma and pain, the "fighting spirit", and the spirit of culture and connectedness with which these adversities are addressed. CUMFI also see resilience as defined from an Aboriginal perspective.

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