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Health Region

The First Nation and Metis Health Council was formed to help the Health Region determine best practices on providing more culturally responsive care to First Nations and Metis people.

Services include facilitating navigation services, cultural supports and providing an interpreter when needed. It also provides for cultural spaces. These services are provided at St. Paul’s Hospital which is located in the Saskatoon Core neighbourhood.


Saskatoon Catholic School Board

  • St. Michael’s School

Central Urban Métis Federation Incorporated (CUMFI) and the Greater Saskatoon Catholic Schools are in partnership to improve the learning opportunities for Métis students attending Catholic schools.

The goal is to have all teachers working to include Métis content in their classroom programs and to see Métis culture encouraged throughout the school. Many new resources have been brought in to to be used by teachers and we will be looking for ways to involve Métis people in supporting Métis culture at the school. This is an exciting time and we are looking forward to building this program with the staff and students at St. Michael Community School.

In recognition of the Métis Education Program at St. Michael Community School a flag raising ceremony was held on Sept 9, 2015. Representatives from Central Urban Métis Federation Incorporated (CUMFI) and Greater Saskatoon Catholic Schools GSCS were on hand to participate in the event. Senator Nora Cummings provided a prayer and then was assisted by CUMFI President Shirley Isbister with the official raising of the Metis flag while students and staff sang the Métis national anthem.

Saskatoon Public School Board

  • Westmount School

The Métis Cultural Program has been created to preserve, strengthen and transmit Métis culture and traditions in Saskatchewan.


The program includes all Westmount students from Kindergarten to Grade 8 and is delivered exclusively from a Métis perspective. The program draws on the Language Arts, Fine Arts, Health and Social Studies curricular outcomes and encompasses the Michif language. The heart of the program is to enrich student education with authentic learning experiences within a Métis world view. The learning occurs within the Métis Cultural classroom, collaborative team teaching, and is integrated into all classrooms throughout the school and community.


During the school year students are engaged in enriching their Language Arts, Fine Arts, Health and Social Studies skills from a Métis perspective. This is done by building culturally relevant leadership skills, transferring knowledge between generations and participating in experiential learning opportunities.

Persons Living with A.I.D.S. Network of Saskatchewan Inc. ( 1987) PLWA 

CUMFI supports Metis persons to live a self-reliant optimal healthy quality of life. PLWA and CUMFI have a common vision of providing a community development and service delivery approach to building capacity for persons living with HIV/AIDS to attain an equitable life style. 

In partnership both parties agree to support individual, organizational and community capacity to continue  to advance person health and self-reliance of persons living with HIV/AIDS. More >>>

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