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CUMFI Outreach Community Support Teams

CUMFI Outreach Community Support program provides intensive in-home supports and after care support to families who were residents of our coming home programs such as: Infinity House, Pritchard House,  Niwaapatahaaanik, and Trotchie Home.


Referrals are completed by case managers from these homes. Child and Family Services also can make referrals for community clients.


The Community Outreach Workers work with the family unit to support parents and children with a philosophy of building on strengths, supporting families to address challenges, helping to keep the family unit intact, and ensuring the safety and well-being of children.  They provide emergency outreach support services to children and families outside of traditional working hours in times of family crisis for the families residing in the Agency’s fostering families coming home programs.

The Community Outreach Worker assists families transitioning out of other residential support programs administered by this Agency in order that parents can be successful in achieving independence. This is done through a variety of activities including outreach support when families are experiencing stress and intensive in-home help. Provide after care support to assist with maintaining the family unit once families graduate from the Agency’s fostering families coming home program.

  • Supports families with a philosophy of building on strengths, supporting challenges, and promoting community inclusion and interdependence.

  • Works with families on a one-on-one basis in their own homes in order to teach them positive parenting and coping skills that will help build independence.

  • Assists families to improve their understanding of child development and needs.

  • Works with various professionals and support agencies to assist the family to meet their daily living, health, financial and social needs, therefore reducing the stress on families that can lead to child abuse and neglect.



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