Traditional musical instruments of the Métis include the fiddle, the concertina, the harmonica, the hand drum, the mouth harp, and finger instruments such as bones or spoons.

The main instrument is the fiddle and in the early days fiddles were hard to obtain and expensive.

Métis style fiddle music is an oral tradition handed down for many centuries. The fiddle plays the melody, tells the story, and many Métis legends are recorded in fiddle tunes.

Another Métis tradition is called Turtulage. This is essentially the beating out of the rhythm with spoons or heels, accompanied by syllables hummed to simple melodies.

The survival of traditional Métis-style fiddle music depends solely on the dedication and commitment of the older generations of Métis fiddlers to continue to play the oral traditional tunes and style and to teach the younger generations, and other fiddlers who are eager to learn Métis-style fiddling.