CUMFI Local 165 on the Supreme Court of Canada Ruling

On behalf of CUMFI Local 165 we want our members and community to understand what the Supreme Court of Canada ruling means for the Métis and non status Indians at this point. The Supreme Court of Canada has ruled that Métis and non status Indians are "Indian" under the Constitution Act .91(24). This ruling only means it is a starting point for Metis and non status Indians.

Robert Ducette, President of Métis Nation of Saskatchewan, cautioned "That changes will NOT be immediate and that this ruling will not mean Métis people enjoy all the same rights as a First Nation people. This opens the door to negotiate." With all of this said, CUMFI will keep it's members informed on any updates on our website and in our newsletter.

With this new ruling, all changes will take the continued time and patience of us, the Métis people.